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Dec 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
creek. the reading coming in at 27 degrees at walnut creek. it's 24 in napa. how cold do you think it's going to get tonight? we're going to see numbers in the teens. we could see nappy easily get down to 19 degrees tonight. that freeze warning is excluding itself from the san francisco area right here. that's just because it's surrounded by bay and ocean. it's not going to gets a cold as places like san jose, which will be in the upper 20s tonight. san jose coming in at 28 degrees. we're looking at 19 degrees up in napa. 23 in santa rosa, and these are conservative. you're going to find temperatures into the teens. coming up, we'll talk more about this freeze warning. the coldest cities tomorrow, and as this system moves out, a wet system moves in, and there's a chance for snow on bay area peaks. >>> now to ktvu's ken wayne. he's been outside tonight. talking to folks who are out there trying to stay warm. >> reporter: we're all trying to stay warm out here, frank. we pulled up here a couple of hours ago. the sign said 33 degrees. bill just mentioned 27, but it just dropped within th
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
. tonight we're 37 and falling in san francisco. we begin with deborah villalon live in napa with some of the problems this weather has already caused. deborah. >> reporter: we hear it every winter, exposed pipes have to be covered. that's the sound of moisture. detected in the sealing of this apartment. >> moisture started coming down the walls like this. >> reporter: water comes from walls and cabinets. immediate suspect the freeze. >> it was the cold. very cold outside. >> was it inside the pipe or fitting? >> reporter: the pressure put a slit in the copper. >> this owner has done a right thing and insulated the pipes. >> reporter: usually it's the outdoor pipes everyone worries about. wrapping them for warmth. >> you're gambling if you don't. >> reporter: and some people let faucets drip all night. >> as long as it's flowing it won't freeze. but why waste the water if you insulated them right. >> reporter: after starting her day with frozen pipes at home and at work, this woman came to buy covers. >> we had a couple of classrooms that did not have water this morning. >> reporter: c
Dec 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
cold numbers for napa, vallejo, petaluma35. right now we are in the clear. that cold air continues to move in from the north so we had that freeze warning in place until 9:00 tomorrow morning except san francisco. it's in place until tomorrow night and reissued monday night. so two more freeze warnings to talk about. monday night 10:00 until 2:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. tuesday. the coolest locations you can see dropping back down to right around 19 to 20 degrees. a very cold start first thing tomorrow morning. napa dropping into the 20s. right now 25 to 26 degrees. you can see for the overnight hours dropping to below freezing for at least 10 hours up until 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures will be trending upward but freezing temperatures for quite some time. still pretty cold numbers after that point and we'll also take a look at your weekend in view coming up in a little bit. >>> and you can follow mark and the rest of our ktvu weather team online for more on this cold snap. they're posting updates on twitter and facebook. >> a powerful storm has drivers dealing with sn
Dec 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
hours. you can see light shower activity. the big issue parts of northern napa county. lake napa, that rain has opinion increasing. you get an idea with the moderate cells pushing into the mountains. we'll move the maps closer to san mateo. right around the fremont area picking up heavier downpours. out toward san francisco, a good portion of showers. and up in the north bay all that activity right around fairfield, santa rosa reporting heavy rain at last check. the most recent observations and right around nevato. we'll take a look at this. a winter weather advisory posted locally. we'll break down the timing of where the rainfall moves out and a freeze warning is being reissued. >> a cold snap has issued at least three deaths. all of the victims were homeless. the first died monday. two died on thursday one near rout 87 in san jose the other inside a garage in saratoga. none of the victims names is being released. the efforts being made now to make sure any other homeless people don't suffer the same fate. hundreds of people are being forced to deal with the cold without power.
Dec 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
degrees in livermore, antioch, 35, freezing in fairfield. 3degrees in a few more low 30s into napa and santa rosa. so all of these neighbors will be back into the 20s first thing tomorrow morning. san francisco 41 and sfo checking in right now at 42 degrees. with the relatively clear skiing and clearing skies overnight, the drop in temperature pattern will continue. as a result, first thing tomorrow morning, coming up at at 10:35, we'll also break down the coldest morning of the week, tomorrow we will not be the cold yet. we'll have that answer coming up and when temperatures will be trending upward once again that is coming up at 10:35. >> thank you, mark. >>> the frigid temperatures this morning are to blame for at least one death, possibly two in the bay area. the highway patrol says icy roads contributetoid deadly traffic accident just before 8:00 this morning on highway 101 healdsburg. investigators say a 52-year-old santa rosa woman after her truck crashed into a grove of trees. a homeless man was found dead in dublin this morning. authorities say he may have died from expos
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
for santa rosa, napa, san francisco 47 and livermore forecast low of 40 degrees. as i mentioned the fog regrouping right now and a few patches will head into the bay. patchy overcast near livermore tomorrow morning. here's the change we're watching to the north. as a big cold air mass pushing into northern california. the big changes for tomorrow. the cold front pushes into the region. it'll shave off four to 8 degrees for today. the winds do pick up tomorrow night. coast side and for the hills. we could have winds approaching. we could have stronger winds by this time tomorrow. we had readings right around 70 degrees. look what happens by wednesday and thursday. warmest locations 49 to 50 degrees. and the overnight lows will be the bigger story. especially beginning thursday morning and into friday morning. wednesday morning is also going to be pretty chilly as well. that will be the key headline over the next few days. the bay area chill with temperatures at 25 to 30 degrees. everyone the coast in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. the coldest mornings will be thursday morning, friday morni
Dec 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >> that freeze warning goes into effect in the next few hours. it's already 39 in concord. 40degrees in napa. it is very cold throughout the bay area. but the north bay is the focus tonight because temperatures there could easily get into the upper 20s. for the rest of us a freeze warning will go into effect tonight and tomorrow morning. it's going to be real cold tonight. coming up, we're going to talk more about the freeze warning going on. the coldest day we're going to see and believe it or not there's a chance for showers in the forecast. >>> now to ktvu's ken wayne live in santa rosa on what's just the beginning of a cold blast of winter like weather, ken. >> reporter: it's 43 degrees right now in santa rosa and it's going to get much colder than that. if you have to be outside one good place to be is next to a warm fire. >> it's actually refreshing. it gets you into the hole day season feel of everything. >> i'm definitely sleeping in my scarf and mittens to save on pg & e. >> reporter: colder than tonight's lows in chicago and detroit. >> reporter: a few days back we had it for a co
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)